Yearn vs YOP Finance — Which One is Better?

How are the Returns Generated?

To answer in two words: yield farming. Let’s say Jack wanted to stake his crypto to provide liquidity on Curve and Compound. He then takes his rewards in the form of liquidity provider tokens and stakes them as well to multiply his passive income returns.

Yearn vs YOP Finance: Side-by-side comparison

Although Yearn spearheaded a revolution in the yield aggregator space, there are a few problems with its product.

  • YOP Finance offers significantly higher APYs across all of its vaults. While Yearn offers less than 5% APY for stablecoins, BTC, and ETH deposits, you can find YOP offering up to 65% APY for the same tokens. Another thing to remember is that, unlike Yearn, YOP details all its calculations on its Documentation page.
  • Speaking of transparency, YOP is the only yield aggregator out of the two with a transparent team. You can easily look up the people behind YOP from their very own website. On the other hand, Yearn’s team is fully private and this is quite a concern for investors who prefer to have their money handled by reputable people only.

How to Get Started with YOP Finance and Earn High Returns Safely

Deposit your crypto in YOP’s vaults to start earning up to 65% APY on your crypto. You can also stake your $YOP tokens for higher APYs.

The future is Bright for DeFi Yield Aggregators

Although both protocols have their differences, it is exciting to see how far yield aggregators can go in terms of sustainability, simplicity, and most importantly, profitability.



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