Web2 Gaming Mechanics in Blockchain Gaming: Best of Both Worlds

Top Web 2 Gaming Mechanics In Blockchain Gaming

In-Game Items

In-game items have been a part of Web2 games for a long time. Players can buy weapon power-ups, points, skins, character upgrades, and much more in some of the biggest gaming names in the world through real money or in-game currencies accumulated by playing. The in-game items market is huge and has been a revenue-generating machine for games for decades now. Some key examples include Entropia, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Diablo 3, Age of Wushu, and World of Warcraft. Even mobile games such as Candy Crush, 8 Ball Pool, Mario Kart Tour, and Among Us enabled users to purchase in-game items.

Player vs Player

Among the many game modes available to players, one of the most prominent modes is Player vs Player (PvP). The PvP mode includes multiplayer conflict within a game among different players. This mode is in direct contrast to a single-player vs environment (PvE) game mode, where players interact with the game’s landscape on their own. While PvP games have emerged as a fan favorite in the crypto gaming ecosystem, the genre has long existed in traditional gaming.

In-Game Marketplaces

Virtual marketplaces have emerged as a successful catalyst to help players earn more from their items while providing games with a sustainable stream of revenue. In-game marketplaces offer players a chance to sell their in-game items for real money, in-game currencies, or other items (as specified in the marketplace) to make the most of their gaming escapades. Moreover, these marketplaces also enable players to buy the items they require to quickly progress in the game.

Autobattler Mechanics

Another game mode that is extremely popular in traditional gaming is auto battles. Autobattlers or auto chess are a genre of strategy games that feature players going head-to-head with other players in a PvP environment. The playing field showcases chess-like elements, where players select the number of units or elements they wish to place on the field. While the field is like chess, players may position their pieces as per their strategy, without any specific pattern. The game mode is now getting popular in Web 3.0 gaming as well, where players arrange their NFT characters on the playing field to fight against other players.

Presenting Ankots of Misteria

Ankots of Misteria is the perfect example of settling the Web2 vs Web3 debate by infusing the best of both technologies into the core mechanics of a game. Set in dangerous terrains inhabited by dangerous creatures, Ankots of Misteria reimagines the monster-battling genre with an engaging storyline and unmatched gameplay. It offers high-quality NFTs with utility, a rewarding play-to-earn system, and a PvP battle area for players to battle it out with each other.


As the NFT gaming ecosystem grows, games must focus on providing the best gaming experience to their players, above everything else. The combination of Web2 mechanics within the Web3 gaming ecosystem is a great way to ensure that. The perfect blend of Web2 and Web3 technologies can bring the best of both worlds to the players, which is what Ankots of Misteria does perfectly. Ankots of Misteria aims to be the best crypto game for players looking for an unmatched NFT gaming experience. Follow Ankots of Misteria to stay updated with the latest announcements, updates, and partnerships.



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