Users’ Privacy is The Success Key for Every Messaging App

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4 min readApr 19, 2022

Billions of people across the globe interact and remain in touch via various free messaging apps, such as Facebook’s messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Google’s Messages, etc. These apps may appear to be free, but there’s always a hidden price for everything — here that price is user privacy. These apps collect your data and sell it to advertisers.

While each of these android messaging apps lets you connect with your family and friends seamlessly, the user privacy and safety quotients are always at stake. Haven’t you ever wondered how Facebook randomly starts displaying an ad about a thing you were chatting with your friends minutes before?

Whatsapp, which claims end-to-end encryption in its messages, has been slammed for the sheer level of data collection and its back-end links to Facebook, its owner. Today, state surveillance and unethical hacking are other big issues that have caught people off-guard many times, landing them in troubled waters. The FBI reported a 300% increase in cybercrimes since the pandemic’s start.

Google’s Messages app isn’t new to such data breaches and collection either. Data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. The 3 billion Yahoo accounts hack was one of the biggest data breaches. Telegram’s claim to fame had been user privacy and security to its users, but even that claim was a ruse.

If you have been a user at the receiving end of such data privacy threats, you might wonder about a probable solution. The answer lies in the greatest disruption of the century — blockchain. Blockchain, being a decentralized ledger, immutably stores data and allows the transfer of the same in the most secure way possible.

Privacy is everyone’s right, and the current lack of it has left people feeling vulnerable. PunkPanda, a user privacy-based decentralized messaging app ecosystem, aims to give this right back to the people and ensure complete freedom to communicate. Besides messaging, PunkPanda also boasts several other products, including PandaApp, PandaPlay, PandaMeet, PandaProfit, PandaVault, and PandaPost, in its ecosystem. Panda11 sports platform offers the exciting experience of traditional fantasy sports and beyond.

These apps let you enjoy a host of services — from texting to making video calls to playing games and sharing files without hassles securely and safely. The best part — along with secure encrypted communication, PunkPanda decentralized messaging App pays you every day for using it and sharing it!

To add a cherry to your tiered-reward cake — those daily rewards represent your ownership of the PunkPanda platform!

Here are a few reasons why you should choose the PunkPanda messaging app:

  • PunkPanda isn’t just a decentralized messaging app, it’s an ecosystem of facilities that users can avail of, share with their friends, and earn rewards for the same.
  • The app ensures the highest level of user privacy by enabling a free flow of information between the sender and the recipient.
  • It has peer-to-peer military-grade encryption protocols that enable safe and secure communication and interaction on all PunkPanda apps and game platforms.
  • With PunkPanda, users get rewards for using it and sharing it.
  • The multi-app platform allows secure messaging, secure file transfer, and secure audio and video calls. All of these products have already been developed and battle-tested.
  • Users can also create their NFTs related to the game and swap them in the PunkPanda marketplace.
  • PunkPanda also has several P2E games in the pipeline, which will offer users the unlimited opportunity to earn big.

The PunkPanda app is a decentralized messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other via peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption securely. It is a native android and iOS app, just like the conventional apps, and syncs contacts without giving access to a third party.

The PunkPanda users can use the PunkPanda Token (PPM) to unlock upgrades, such as PunkPanda Vault, file sharing, video conferencing, etc., within the PunkPanda ecosystem. PPM token represents a share of ownership for the app community and all the revenue streams within the protocol.

PPM tokens can also be used as a currency for buying and selling infinite amounts of NFTs that will be traded in the upcoming PunkPanda games. For instance, a user wants to sell a badge they earned in a PunkPanda game. For that, the user needs to present an offer in the PunkPanda marketplace and close the deal with the user that accepts the offer. While this transaction completes itself, a small portion of the token swap will be restored in the PunkPanda staking pool. This process will subsequently help generate an ongoing revenue stream via token incentivization in the long run.

The token allocation also has a portion of PPM tokens reserved for staking rewards. The users can earn these staking rewards by downloading the PunkPanda decentralized messaging App from the Apple store and staking the PPM tokens they earn in the staking pools deployed during the upcoming IDO. Use the app, play games, and refer the app to your friends to earn PPM rewards. The more you use the PunkPanda app, the more tokens you will earn!



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