Understanding Economies of Scale with The Monopolist

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4 min readDec 19, 2021


The onset of the pandemic had the gaming industry positioning itself as the perfect use case of the play-to-earn model powered by Defi, blockchain, and NFTs. As people across the globe suddenly found themselves quarantined and losing their source of income, online video games became much more than a way of entertainment.

These games have been disrupted by the NFT industry and transformed in ways that have allowed cryptocurrencies to become the focal point of the ‘real’ in-game economies. Players can earn and learn as they enjoy the game. One such game is The Monopolist — the first blockchain version of the classic Monopoly game, which all of us must have played with our friends and family at some point in our lives.

The Monopolist: Combining A Classic Game With the Metaverse

If you are a person who enjoys strategy-based online games and wants to earn income from the same, then The Monopolist is the game for you! With The Monopolist, you can upgrade your characters, own in-game properties, and assets, while earning passive income all along. In a fun yet challenging way, this real-estate transaction game makes the players a part of the game economy and the larger cryptocurrency and NFT world.

The game preserves the legendary board of the original monopoly game but with sharper graphics and more sophisticated image quality. It is the classic 1 vs. 4 player challenge game built on a blockchain. The in-game characters with ranks and medals can be unlocked either by winning the games or buying the upgrades via the NFT platform.

The game is an uber-cool confluence of chance and strategy where players can learn real-life investment lessons. The players can leverage their upgrades to benefit from the economies of scale within the game interface in several ways. Let’s find out how.

The Monopolist: Gameplay

The Monopolist game brings a dual model of economies of scale — one within the game and one outside its purview. First of all, the game preserves the classic utilities of the Monopoly game. A player learns to invest early, diversify their investments, and keep their strategy flexible with every roll of the dice. Investing in several properties simultaneously would help players mitigate risks, save rent, and earn additional rental income if another player lands on their property.

The player can earn returns from selling them as well. The player’s progress within the game gets immutably stored over a blockchain and adds to their status within the game. As the game scales, so do the economies.

Powered by the $MOBO Token

Not only does the game allow players to earn a steady income, but it also equips them with the experience and ability to manage their finances, especially in the crypto and NFT markets. With each character or medal upgrade, higher rewards are assured in terms of more $MOB and $MONO, the native tokens of the gaming platform, as unlimited passive income sources.

As you level up your activities, you drive the economies of scale into action through earning extra tokens and ensuing profits and powers from holding them. How? Read on.

As a player wins a game or completes daily missions and weekly challenges in the game, they earn $MOB tokens which can be converted into #MONO tokens at the game’s very own DEX. These $MONO tokens can be used to transact in-game transactions, participate in in-game events, and staked into the liquidity pools to earn regular yield rewards.

$MOBO: Governance, Token Economics & More

Since the Monopolist game is a DAO platform, players can partake in its governance by holding $MONO tokens. $MOB tokens offer similar utilities, except they cannot be directly staked on the platform. You can stake $MONO tokens to earn additional points and then exchange the same for an NFT.

As the players collect in-game collectibles and items, they can go to the NFT marketplace to sell their NFTs and earn additional revenue. Even if you don’t sell your NFTs, owning an NFT gives you hash power to boost mining tokens in a mining farm. These LP tokens can be farmed to earn more $MONO tokens. All of the farming pools offer high APYs. You can choose any pool to rake in your share of passive income.

The in-game economics is simple — as you increase the number of staked tokens, you get higher incentives. The in-game economy is all-inclusive, and players get a share in the revenue via the massive amounts of tokens they can earn. These tokens are the in-game payment method for all transactions between players in the P2P interface. More circulation means more utility to the tokens and greater value to your in-game assets. Thus, driving the economies of scale at the macro level.

What are you waiting for then? Play more, earn more income, play The Monopolist.



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