Top Upcoming Crypto NFT Games in 2022

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5 min readAug 3, 2022

Gone are the days when gaming equaled slouching on the couch with endless action and no reward. The gaming ecosystem has been rejuvenated by blockchain technology and crypto games. With NFTs being added to the mix, players can now enter the play-to-earn genre and get rewarded for their time. Play-to-earn NFT games are gaining momentum, with millions of players tuning in every day to play their favorite ones.

But new NFT games are being added to the ecosystem every day. So, how does a player decide which is the best NFT game to play and earn? We are here to help you select from the top upcoming crypto NFT games in 2022.

Top NFT Games to Play in 2022

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular NFT games out there, Axie Infinity allows users to collect and mint digital pets as NFTs. Inspired by the popular game Pokemon, Axie Infinity is extremely renowned for its in-game economy. Players compete with each other using their NFT pets, raise their characters, and complete daily quests to earn rewards. The players are rewarded with the platform’s currency, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. These tokens can be used to enhance their pet’s features, acquire new pets, or convert to fiat currencies.

The game is built on the Ronin Network, an Ethereum-linked sidechain. The game started development in 2017, and the first battle system was launched in 2018. In 2022, the Axie Infinity game boasts nearly 3 million daily active players, and the in-house Axiemarketplace has witnessed over $3.5 billion in sales.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play online trading card game. The game aims to create an ecosystem of true ownership for players, where they can collect rare cards, build a deck and sell cards to other players through the Gods of Unchained Marketplace. The marketplace is powered by GOD tokens, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Each trading card in the game is designed as an NFT, providing true ownership to players. With trading cards and decks, players can challenge other players in PVP combat.

Players can also participate in ranked events and tournaments against others to scale their earnings. The game is well-liked by players looking to enter the P2E genre with a free-to-play game. Gods Unchain was announced in 2018, and since then has sold millions of trading cards on the Gods Unchained marketplace. The player base of the game is constantly growing,

The Sandbox

Initially formulated as a mobile game in 2012, The Sandbox was then brought back as an NFT-based metaverse in 2021. Since then, thanks to an implosion in late 2021, Sandbox has emerged as one of the most active NFT gaming platforms. The concept of the platform is simple. It is a virtual world where anyone can create and monetize anything within the world. The players can also buy, sell and own digital plots in The Sandbox, which can be traded for SAND tokens, the platform’s token.

Much like gaming classics Roblox and Minecraft, the Sandbox metaverse enables players to create and earn from voxel-based elements. Players get an assortment of tools in the game, which can be used to create and animate objects. What’s interesting is that the platform also allows users to create their custom games and play with others.


Sorare is a free-to-play fantasy football trading card game. Built on Ethereum, Sorare enables players to collect, buy and sell NFT trading cards from the top clubs around the world and compete against other players in weekly contests. The competition winners stand a chance to win rare cards or prizes in ETH. For new players, the game offers a deck of random cards after they finish the initial tasks, after which they can collect or buy common, rare, super-rare, and unique cards.

From the collected cards in their deck, the players will have to assemble a five-player team with a captain selected and then enter the world of fantasy football. The game boasts of over 245 famous clubs, including FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and PSG, with more clubs being added regularly.

Ankots of Misteria

Ankots of Misteria is a new-age monster battling P2E game built on Polygon. The game aims to reimagine the popular monster-battling genre with its engaging gameplay and exemplary mechanics. The game brings forth an extremely rewarding play-to-earn system, interesting storyline, and unique character design.

The game is set in a mystical world filled with rare artifacts, many hidden secrets, and creatures with powers, spread across vast terrains. Players can choose to be a part of Player vs Environment (PVE) resource collection or Player vs Player (PvP) arena battles. Both of these game modes are P2E, so users keep earning no matter how they want to play. The game works with two primary tokens. The Ankots Token (ANKT) serves as the governance token and is used to summon NFTs and as currency in the Ankots NFT marketplace. On the other hand, Love spirits (LVS) will be the utility token. Both tokens are required to create a new unique Ankot.

The game will offer a variety of methods for players to earn for playing. Players will be able to craft and earn LVS by collecting resources, while ANKT will be awarded to players who win battles and get top rankings on the leaderboards. ANKTs can also be earned through staking rewards by staking existing ANKTs. Custom-bred NFTs can also be sold on the in-house marketplace for ANKTs.

Ankots of Misteria is an ideal blend of extremely immersive gameplay, high-quality NFTS, added utilities, and a highly rewarding system that rewards players for their time. Soon to be launched, it aims to be the best crypto NFT game for players looking for unparalleled play to earn a blockchain gaming experience.


The play-to-earn genre is growing at an unbelievable pace and has already cemented its place in the gaming ecosystem. In an analysis in January 2022, it was found that 52% of active cryptocurrency wallets are linked to at least one blockchain game (Source: DappRadar).

Therefore, it is safe to say that the future looks bright for the crypto gaming ecosystem, with these and many more upcoming crypto NFT games in 2022.







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