Top BitClout Influencers | Who Are The Top BitClout Influencers in 2021

Who’s on there? Well, day by day more celebrities are verifying their profiles on Bitclout and making it their new platform.


Craig Clemens “@Craig”: Well right now he’s the number one active user on Bitclout. And his coin values at more than 35 million dollars each! He’s an American businessman, entrepreneur, and one of the co-founders of “Golden Hippo Media”, which offers health and wellbeing beauty products. He’s also a famous Copywriter that specializes in digital business, so you know his profile would give the best advice when it comes to using Bitclout.

Craig Clemens
Mario Nawfal
High Key’s Founders
Jake Udell
Shaan Puri

In short, Bitclout is a Platform you should join today, and these five influencers are the creators you should be looking for!



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