Top 5 Games You Should Check Out In 2022

P2E NFT games are blowing up on the blockchain, and for good reason. P2E games are one of the most popular use cases for NFTs and allow you to earn the game’s native cryptocurrency while playing the game, making it a more interactive experience than simply staking your tokens. Because of this newfound popularity, tons of NFT based games are being released every year.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 NFT games you should check out in 2022, and what sets them apart from other projects.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was released in 2018, before NFTs as a concept went mainstream in the online world. After the explosion in interest in 2021, Axie Infinity grew larger than before, reaching 2.5 million average monthly users in a small amount of time. Axie Infinity is inspired by Pokemon, and the core gameplay revolves around collecting NFT Axies, battling other Axies with yours, and breeding them for new Axies.

via Axie Infinity

The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, via the Ronin sidechain. Using Ronin means that the game has lower gas fees and transaction times than other NFT games running on Ethereum. The game‘s native currency AXS has recently seen a downward trend in valuation, with the price dipping below $50 as of 23 March 2022.

The devs are working on fixes to make the game more balanced for new players and veterans alike, and it’s a great time to buy the dip since AXS’s value is sure to go up after the next round of fixes and patches.


Launched in 2021, Pegaxy is an NFT PVP horse racing game in which users compete against 11 other racers for the top three positions. Elements such as wind, water, fire, speed, and others are randomly assigned to each race creating a sense of unpredictability. To earn the platform’s utility token, VIS, players must place in the top three spots by utilizing boosts/ upgrades, food, and skill.

via Pegaxy

To earn more VIS tokens in the game’s play to earn model, players can do things like breed, rent, sell and race their Pega NFTs. This concept has shown to be a smart long-term economic approach for developing an NFT/Blockchain-based game since it allows teams to form large guilds, offer scholarship programs, and even allow players who don’t play in the PVP mode to earn in-game tokens by racing every day in a PVE environment.

The first 5,000 Founding Pega NFTs were sold in October 2021, in conjunction with the PGX launch via the game’s IDO in November. Since these were the only ones built by the Pegaxy Development team, the first 5,000 Pega were dubbed as the “Founding” Pega. Every Pega after #5,000 has been minted (produced) using the game’s breeding model.


Genopets is an upcoming NFT game, with a planned live beta release for April. It is the world’s first “Move-to-Earn” NFT Game, incentivizing active lifestyles for its players. Genopets is based on the Solana blockchain. Your Genopet is your personal spirit animal that accompanies you through your journeys through the Genoverse. The game is similar to Pokemon Go, as your Genopet stays in your pocket as you walk about your city, get a cup of coffee, or even just climb a stair, all the while earning rewards at the end of the day.

via Genopets

A Genopet is a generative NFT that evolves as you progress through the game, can be upgraded, and personalized. Your Genopet NFT starts as a free egg that you can hatch and nurture, gaining in value over time as you put in time and effort into improving its type, battle performance, and looks. A Genopet evolves through XP, with Refined Crystals guiding and speeding up the process.

$GENE is one of two native tokens, acting as a staking token that represents ownership in the Genoverse. $KI token is the in-game reward token that you earn while purchasing a Habitat. With $KI you can evolve your Genopet, alchemize crystals, generate new Habitats, and battle other players.

Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes is the first WebGL, AAA, Play-to-Earn, NFT, and MMORPG game. Its beta is live, with regular updates and a strong player base. Sidus Heroes is a gaming metaverse that offers immersive and in-depth scenarios and tons of earning opportunities that can all be accessed from your web browser with just a single click.

via Sidus Heroes

The game is set in a futuristic space metaverse at a time when technology and flesh have merged together, becoming one with each other. Sidus Heroes provides users with multiple in-game scenarios to diversify the gameplay: interstellar exploration, space battles, settlement mechanics, as well as political, social, and economic development components. As players advance through the game, they are rewarded with in-game NFTs and the SIDUS native tokens. You can stake these tokens on the game’s blockchain, with flexible APY options.

The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead: Empires is a survival MMORPG set in the Walking Dead universe, currently in development for PC and expected to release sometime in 2022. In this game, you can battle against other players and zombies, with weapons you craft from resources. The land system allows players to construct a base and defenses on their owned land, making sure that you are protected from both players and walkers. There’s also a chance for cooperation with others, and you can invite other players on your land to grow stronger together, and fight back against your enemies.

via Walking Dead Empires

The game is buyable from Gala Games, and each NFT has different levels of rarity, but all of them contain building materials that give you the resources you need to build weapons, buildings, and more.

Play Hard!

In this post, we’ve gone over five of the most anticipated games of 2022, as well as some older titles that still hold their own against newer competitors. Hopefully this has helped you narrow down which games to invest your time, effort, and money in; along with ensuring some profits as you play and earn on the blockchain.



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