This Revolutionized Monopoly Game Can Pay you Real Money

What’s all the hype over The Monopolist?

What are the Advantages for Mono Holders?

  • Master your Game: The players in The Monopolist own all the items that they have earned or purchased through the game, which can be kept safe in their virtual wallets. Moreover, the blockchain tech lets you keep a note of all your transactions, from exchanging to purchasing.
  • Security & Rationality: The decentralization element of Blockchain technology in The Monopolist permits the users to keep track and scrutinize their past actions and the actions of other players. This ensures data security, so there can be no risks of data deletion or cheating, as it often happens in Monopoly.
  • Financial Rewards: In The Monopolists’ economy, revenue with the users is shared by issuing an enormous amount of tokens. Owing to blockchain’s advances, the in-game payment modes between players without depending on the payment of any third party are tokens. On winning, players will not only receive tokens. Still, they will also have the opportunity to acquire new materials, characters, or items that they can bring to the NFT market for exchange.

Play Hard, Earn More



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