The Shape of a Truly Decentralized Browser with Point Network

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3 min readJul 9, 2022

As the world moves towards a decentralized future, the significant drawbacks of centralization are being shown, especially in this digital age. It still grips the way the world surfs the Internet, posing privacy and safety issues online, not to mention online snooping and censorship. This paves the way for a decentralized web, helping users surf the web freely without any worries. While many projects have tried to create “decentralized” solutions, they are still dependent on centralized infrastructure. With one foot in the centralized world and the mask of “decentralization,” these projects do more harm than good.

This is why we are building Point Browser, a truly decentralized browser for the Web 3.0 age that solves all these problems.

Introducing Point Browser

A fork of the Mozilla browser, Point Browser is a Web 3.0 browser that enables users to access the decentralized web. Built to be the face of the decentralized Internet, Point Browser aims to help users and protocols transition to secure Web 3.0 decentralized infrastructure. For a fully decentralized experience, the browser prohibits connection to the old Internet. For example, on the Point Browser, dApps cannot ping any analytics servers via their IP addresses, and users cannot open websites that will extensively track them. This includes Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many other major websites. Users can surf only the decentralized web on the Point Browser for the best possible experience.

Users should note that this browser isn’t built to compete with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. Point Network believes in keeping control in the hands of the users where they can choose which websites and browsers they want. To surf major websites that track user information and create user data sets, users are free to utilize the browsers mentioned earlier. However, for a decentralized experience, they can switch to Point Browser. As one would use Tor Browser to access the Deep Web, they will use Point Browser to access Web 3.0.

The Point Network Ecosystem

Built to be a self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem, Point Network comes with various applications and features, many of which directly supplement Point Browser to be truly decentralized. Here are some of the internal applications and features in Point Network:

  • Decentralized Domains: While general domains come under the jurisdiction of their respective governments and centralized agencies, users registering a Web 3.0 identity on the blockchain can get a unique .point domain, and subdomains, which are all censorship-free.
  • Decentralized Storage: To ensure security, privacy, and maximum uptime, dApps in the Point Network can only load files and assets uploaded onto Point Network’s decentralized storage solution which uses Arweave.
  • Point Social: Even with billions of users, social media remains fully centralized. Point Social is a social network designed for Web 3.0 to remove censorship, security issues, malicious data collection, and unnecessary user targeting.
  • Point Mail: Email encryption is key to user security, and Point Mail ensures complete end-to-end encrypted email on Web 3.0. This allows users to share information without thinking about surveillance or infiltration.
  • Point Wallet: The ecosystem is complemented by the secure Point Wallet, helping users seamlessly send and receive crypto tokens, view their transaction history, and do much more.
  • POINT Token: Point Network will utilize the POINT token as its native mainnet currency, helping users be a part of the ecosystem. The token is still under development, and the platform is currently using a testnet token, yPOINT.
  • Point Chain: The Point Network will soon launch its own Layer-1 PoS chain known as the Point Chain, based on Polygon Edge technology, with POINT as its native token. However, the Point Browser will be multi-chain in nature for the best possible user experience.


The future is digital, multi-chain, and most importantly, decentralized. Therefore, creating a foundation of dApps that are truly decentralized and not reliant on centralized processes and infrastructure is vital. Point Network decentralizes everything, becoming the first-ever comprehensive solution with full Web 3.0 implementation. While the network is in its early stages, users can still download and test the Alpha version of Point Network. Since Point Network is fully open-source, developers can also use the source code to build their own decentralized applications.

With an aim to build a ‘truly decentralized’ ecosystem, Point Network is working relentlessly. Our roadmap is growing every day, with new updates and announcements. Join our engaging Telegram community and stay in the know on our latest features, updates, launches, and announcements.



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