The Monopolist: A Skill-Rewarding Game Based on Blockchain

Monopoly is one of the most popular games across the world. It is a real estate transaction game enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age. The goal in Monopoly is to become a real estate tycoon within the game. While having so much fun, Monopoly teaches you various lessons and strategies applicable to the actual finance sector when making investments. Such investments could be applied in the crypto world.

As blockchain gaming continues to grow in popularity, the remake of Monopoly kicked in, The Monopolist. The Monopolist is a game created by a very talented team that recreated the concept of the Monopoly game while applying it to the blockchain. “The Monopolist promises a new Age of Classics” states the Monopolist team. While playing this blockchain-based game, you enhance your risk management skills, learn new investment strategies, and a lot more.

What is The Monopolist Game About?

Coming from the game of Monopoly, The Monopolist players need to ultimately buy and develop various pieces of real estate while staying financially solvent throughout. They will force their opponents into going bankrupt. To gain victory over the other players, a player would have to develop personal tactics through rolling dice, investing in various properties and lands, building properties, accumulating accommodation fees, and so on.

The Monopolist uses the play to earn models of popular blockchain games. Once you win a game on the Monopolist blockchain, you get to be rewarded with the native tokens of the platform: the MONO token and the MOB token. Plus, you get the chance to win new characters, or in-game materials and items, which you can put on the Monopolist NFT market for further earnings.

The Monopolist is available through web browsers or as PC, Android, and iOS applications. It is accessible to a wide range of players regardless of their geographical position, or economic class, as its developers have focused on making it a game suitable for players from all walks of life.

The Monopolist Ecosystem

There are five primary aspects to the Monopolist ecosystem, which are:

  1. The Gameplay: The gameplay in The Monopolist works the same way as the usual Monopoly, with some added features due to it being situated on the blockchain. While players learn financial management lessons through gameplay on The Monopolist, they also get to win rewards in the form of the two native tokens, in-game materials like characters and items, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) created within the game, and a lot more.
  2. MONO Staking: Players who are holding the MONO token can stake their tokens on the Monopolist blockchain and earn yet more MONO tokens as a reward. The more tokens a player takes, the higher incentive values they can claim. With high APYs across all the farming pools, you can select any pool of your liking to earn more MONO tokens as passive income.
  3. NFT Collection: Players who are staking the MONO token also stand to win NFTs, through staking rewards and curating their collection of in-game NFTs, including characters and dice.
  4. DEX or Decentralized Exchange Platform: Once you win a game on The Monopolist, you can swap the MOB or MONO you win for the other token on this DEX. The transactions can be carried out with a minimal trading fee.
  5. NFT Marketplace: Players can exchange their characters, dice, and more NFTs like Medals (Medal is a non-fungible token belonging to the MONO Collection that you can only possess by joining in auctions, being the top player, or being among the top MONO holders) in the NFT marketplace on the Monopolist blockchain. These can be sold on the marketplace once they reach a certain value of your expectation.

Monopolist Game Tokens

The MONO token on the Monopolist blockchain is a BEP20 BSC token, and it has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens that can ever be released into circulation. Utilities of the MONO token include:

  • In-game transactions,
  • Staking,
  • Farming,
  • Governance and DAO participation,
  • Events participation

Now for the MOB token, it is a sub-token. Just like MONO, MOB is also a BEP20 BSC token, however, there is no hard cap on the supply of MOB tokens. You can earn MOB tokens within the Monopolist ecosystem by completing in-game quests, participating in the governance of the network, and staking and farming MONO. Utilities of the MOB token include:

  • In-game activities,
  • In-game upgrades, and
  • Participation in various events

Learn Risk Management with The Monopolist

The Monopolist focuses on making a gaming environment where the players can familiarize themselves with the models of financial markets, and learn financial management lessons. By playing The Monopolist, above all, you understand risk management. With the strategies formed to mitigate the risks, and the well-calculated risks to make a fortune, The Monopolist prepares its players for the real-world traditional financial markets, not to mention the crypto markets.

Moreover, The Monopolist helps its players to diversify their investments in in-game real estate, manage their assets, and handle emotions in their investments to play the long game. So while they play to earn the gaming rewards, they also take crucial knowledge with them while making investments in the actual world.

By providing new, unique benefits when it comes to the game economy and user experiences, The Monopolist is a platform that stands to revolutionize blockchain gaming. To learn more about The Monopolist, you can visit their website here, and you can follow their social media accounts on Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Medium.



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