The future of minting/earning cryptocurrencies on the web 3.0

Web 3.0 is all the rage in town, and we’re ready for it. Hailed by many as the future of the internet, Web 3.0 is essentially about democratizing power and reclaiming it from a small group of large corporations who control Web 2.0.

Undoubtedly, the internet has done a great deal of good in bringing people together, making our lives easier, and facilitating the collection and sharing of information that transcends beyond borders. But it also came with a set of defects that most of us did not anticipate when it first came into being. Data privacy is almost non-existent in the modern world. Today’s internet is a dangerous place where people have little to no control over their personal information and identities.

And it is not the internet but the social media platforms, search engines, e-commerce sites, and financial institutions established on top of it that furnish us with our online identities and keep our data. These large corporations maintain and control user data on their centralized servers and databases on the existing internet infrastructure. Even if user data is not monetized and sold to other parties, these systems and databases are susceptible to security attacks and breaches.

With Web 3.0, data will no longer be controlled or owned by a single entity but instead dispersed across networks. And of course, none of this would be possible without blockchain technology, which lies at the heart of Web 3.0. Also known as distributed ledger technology, blockchain tech has found several critical applications in today’s world. In fact, the very concept of blockchain technology is built on creating a decentralized database that is kept up to date by anonymous consensus. Moving beyond the scope of cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech is currently being explored and tested by entities across industries to increase the security and efficiency of their online platforms.

Blockchain tech is leading the way!

By understanding the core principle behind blockchain technology, we can easily establish the connection between blockchain tech and Web 3.0. Cryptocurrencies, backed by blockchain technology, have undeniably taken the world by storm. And now, with Web 3.0 on the horizon, it’s the ideal time for developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and regular folks to take advantage of the opportunities created by these revolutionary decentralized technologies.

For a long time now, tech companies and governments have been collecting and tracking personal data and other types of data with no accountability whatsoever, often at the expense of individuals. It is here that cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms are attempting to become the decentralized protocols of this next generation of the internet. Instead of storing data in centralized databases, all user data is saved in safe and decentralized data storage protocols on Web 3.0.

Decentralization — The Key Factor

In a nutshell, Web 3.0 represents the start of everything decentralized. And without question, the decentralization of data and its storage has significant consequences for data ownership. Unlike Web 2.0, Web 3.0 promises to create more personalized experiences, and redistribute wealth opportunities from the platforms to the users. By embracing ownership over your data, you can begin to earn from it.

For example, say you’re a digital content creator on Web 2.0. Regardless of whether you’re using Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube as your platform, these platforms own your content. But with Web 3.0, you can own everything you create, and by creating personalized tokens for your content, you can even start earning money on the goods and services you provide. While a large part of the global population continues to debate the existence and future of cryptocurrencies, the worldwide focus has already switched to Non-Fungible Tokens and creator monetization. This will ultimately pave the way for new ways of passive earning on Web 3.0 through cryptocurrencies.

xHashtag — Earn Crypto While Helping Shape the Future of Web 3.0

A decentralized autonomous organization that will reshape the future of work, xHashtag is the platform to earn cryptocurrencies while you help to bring and shape Web 3.0 into existence. Essentially, the platform is built on the foundations of Work 4.0 — a modern workstyle concept based on the idea of a free economy and distributed workforce. As a platform that aims to revolutionize the #FutureOfWork, xHashtag connects people requiring tasks done to those willing to do these tasks in a decentralized manner. Built on Solana, the fastest blockchain in the world, xHashtag is also an excellent platform for Web 3.0 projects to accelerate their community and token growth by leveraging the platform’s flexible workforce.

To learn more about xHashtag, click here.



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