The Four Most Valuable Categories to Focus on for Blockchain Start-ups

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Since 2021, there has been a renewed interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency/NFTs, thanks to the surge in popularity of NFTs. This in turn has led to dozens of new startups being launched, focusing on the blockchain. Most startups fail early on in their life cycle or take a long time to turn a profit when dealing with the blockchain. This can be due to several reasons, such as lack of funding, poor knowledge of key areas, and more.

This post explores the four most important categories of blockchain assets that every blockchain startup must be focusing on, to maximize their chances of success in a highly competitive field.

Categories to Focus on

There are four main categories: valuable connections, in-house marketing and strategy, guidance and mentorship, and tech support. Sheesha Finance, for example, which is a DeFi multi-chain platform with an incubation program, pays close attention to these previously mentioned categories:

Valuable Connections

Sheesha Finance provides fledgling startups access to some of the best marketing agencies, more than 15 launchpads, and 10+ market makers. Social media influencers work closely with Sheesha Finance to ensure that advertising efforts reach the largest demographic in crypto: the youth. Sheesha’s connections with 30+ KOLs, experience with public relations, and key investors are immensely helpful for any blockchain enterprise.

By leveraging its extensive network of VC partnerships, Sheesha introduces the potential for exchange introductions. For new players in the blockchain space, Sheesha Finance can introduce them to valuable connections in the industry that can be a game-changer.

In-House Marketing & Strategy

Sheesha offers a wide range of community and social media strategies, prioritizing reach and engagement with the public on multiple social media platforms. Its marketing team helps create campaign growth frameworks and offers external consulting options for a diverse set of viewpoints.

At Sheesha Finance, the team is constantly scouting new projects to learn something new and nurture them at the same time. If a project’s executives are all from the tech industry, Sheesha’s customized marketing strategies can help them reach greater heights than ever before.

Guidance and Mentorship

Sheesha’s experience working on the blockchain is a valuable asset to any newly formed startup. Its skilled marketing department will work on different viable Go-To-Market strategies, while dedicated teams will work with projects on offering partnership guidance when dealing with VCS, tokenomics structuring when first developing a coin for the project, professional insight into the cryptocurrency market, and the best launchpads and exchanges that work for a particular Go-To-market strategy.

For projects that are stagnant due to a lack of mentors and proper guidance, it’s a good idea to reinvent their crypto journey with Sheesha.

Tech Support

Sheesha Finance also provides tech support to young startups, strengthening key areas such as token use cases, deflationary measures (burn rates if applicable), adding NFTs, and much more. “All our advice is provided via our in-house technology team to support each startup’s builds,” says the Sheesha team.

Each blockchain startup has a unique project, but all projects have a few similar needs that come with the territory: the requirement for smart contract auditing by auditing houses, developing project websites and making them run smoothly, vetting the C-Suite (executive members of the project) to instill public trust and many other things that Sheesha Finance can assist with. Sign up with the link at the bottom! Let’s build something new together.

Sheesha Finance Solutions for Blockchain Startups

Sheesha Finance is a DeFi staking platform that provides its users with premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. No matter the portfolio’s size, Sheesha Finance has rewards for all investors with DeFi tokens from a large portfolio of projects. Their multichain platform enables investors to invest in a variety of tokens without restrictions. The platform’s native token SHEESHA is available on the Bancor DEX to be bought on Ethereum.

Sheesha Finance also acts as an incubator for blockchain-based startups, helping them with some of their most common problems, such as a small network, lack of guidance, minimal reach, lack of capital, and more. The blockchain ecosystem is extremely competitive, with large VC-backed players dominating the market. With Sheesha Finance, projects can rest assured that they will get the attention they deserve. Join Sheesha to see how the biggest blockchain projects are incubated without straying from their vision.

Get Started with Blockchain Startups

This post has explored the four major categories of needs that startups often need help dealing with, and how Sheesha Finance can assist startups in navigating the crypto ecosystem.

Read more about Sheesha Finance here, or contact at



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