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Straight Fire’s NFT Social dApp

  • Since Straight Fire’s NFT Social dApp is built around the idea of sharing NFTs, just as you would share posts on Instagram or Twitter, it is intuitive to use and easy to master in a few minutes.
  • With Straight Fire’s NFT Social dApp, you can share your NFT stories, to all your social media channels. These NFT stories are in essence, the NFTs you own, with filters, AR lenses, music, and more possible additions.
  • The dApp even enables users to minted these NFT stories into brand new NFTs, thus expanding your collection and giving you the option to sell them on any NFT marketplace. In future releases, you can even use the explore feature and discover other people sharing their own NFT stories, and interact with the creators if you so wish.

SFIRE — Fueling the StraightFire Economy

Join Straight Fire!

  • Connect to all major digital wallets and view NFTs from 70+ blockchains
  • Library of filters, AR lenses, and music shorts to create your NFT Story; even NFT creators and brands can upload their own filters through the dApp dashboard
  • Lower gas fees for minting NFT stories
  • Sharing NFTs gives you the chance to earn rewards via the share-to-earn model, in the form of the SFIRE token, NFTs, or unique filters.
  • Newly minted NFT story sales are divided into 60/10/10/10/10, with 60% going to the user who is creating the NFT story, and 10% each going to the creator of the NFT used in the NFT Story, the music artist, filter maker, and Straight Fire.



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