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Social media is full of influencers, business coaches, and even motivational theme pages, that preach starting a business and living on your own terms. Their content focuses on the idea that “you are one business away from financial freedom”, and some of them even offer coaching programs to help businesses reach their full potential.

So if you’re someone who’s looking to invest in a business, you’ll probably go for one of two options: a promising startup or a company that’s already in great shape.

However, no one talks about those companies that aren’t reaching their full potential, or whose growth has stalled. Well, no one except Nick Bradley of course.

His podcast, “Scale Up Your Business”, offers tremendous value.

Running a business can be challenging, and a lot of people fall victim to the ego-feeding “entrepreneur” label, when in reality, not everyone can deal with the risks and obstacles that come with running a business and entrepreneurship in general.

It’s very easy to cut your losses and call it a day when your business is failing. In such a case, you either close down and never look back, or you get help. Nicky Bradley has dealt with many similar cases, showing failing businesses the way out and turning them into thriving empires. He has always been the voice for many desperate entrepreneurs, and that one person who believes in your business more than you do, and spots potential when no one else can.

“Scale Up Your Business” is attractive, modern and unique. You can easily tune in to the different episodes on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Nick’s podcast has earned considerable success throughout the years, ranking #1 on the iTunes UK business charts, with more than 250k downloads in over 130 countries.

The podcast is about how businesses can go from “start-up to scale-up, and beyond”, and how business leaders can lead a strong and grounded empire that creates global impact!

Nick’s podcast focuses on mindset first, with the goal of turning business owners into business leaders. He always motivates his listeners by helping them reignite the entrepreneur within.

In more than 150 episodes, he has welcomed some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and many prolific business owners, where they discuss their strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and innovations. Known for his great conversation skills, Nick Bradley knows how to deliver his message in the most engaging fashion.

One thing he stands for is that growing a business isn’t about jumping on the latest trends, it’s about showing up and being consistent. Nick Bradley’s podcast will definitely change your whole perspective of things, and it will set you and your business up for success.

Live your life on your own terms, listen to “Scale Up Your Business” today!

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