Paribus: Unlocking Liquidity for Unconventional DeFi Assets

How Does Paribus Function?

What Assets are Supported by Paribus?

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Paribus looks to enhance the economical value of these unique digital assets with better liquidity and more options to use them without just selling the NFTs. Through Paribus, owners of NFTs will be able to unlock liquidity with collateralized loans against their NFTs and finance other trades and investments.
  • Virtual Land: As a recent Decentraland sale showed, Virtual Land is a steadily growing aspect of the DeFi world with land going for as much as $900,000. Paribus aims to support this asset class by proposing a suite of smart contracts that will allow for collateralization with Virtual Lands, and try out ideas that will unlock liquidity through these assets with borrowing and lending.
  • Synthetics and LP (Liquidity Provider) Tokens: With a target of serving more sophisticated use cases with both Synthetics and LP tokens, Paribus aims to build a product line for borrowing and lending to better leverage the various underlying assets.

Paribus Users

  • The Lenders: For investors who don’t plan to sell their virtual assets once and for all, Paribus provides an opportunity to earn a passive income from their assets instead of leaving them idle. Lenders act as the liquidity providers in the Paribus ecosystem and earn interest in return for playing this role. Since Paribus will provide Deposit APR(%) based on factors like utilization rate, lenders can estimate their earnings by the Deposit APR(%) for any given asset.
  • The Borrowers: As Paribus aims to act strictly as a collateralized loan platform, any borrower must deposit an asset of their own to borrow against. Therefore, borrowers are also indirect liquidity providers on Paribus, and they help the platform stay sustainable and self-sufficient.

The PBX Token



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