Monetize and earn money from your talent with the Bondex app

In today’s post-pandemic world, it has become difficult to find a job or the right candidate for a certain position, especially when work trends are continuously changing. Nothing remained the same, from the way work is achieved to the essential skills required for a certain job. Certainly, the pandemic has accelerated the spread of work-from-home habits, which most people have embraced.

However, as a result of the Covid -19 outbreak, not only have numerous professionals lost their jobs but it has also created an ever-widening skill gap amongst employees, forcing the need for disruptive solutions.

In addition to this, the pandemic has also spawned a quitting culture where people are increasingly abandoning their jobs in order to attain greater stability and a better work-life balance.

While the majority of them are job-hunting and looking for better opportunities, a significant number of them are launching their own businesses, particularly in light of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, which has resulted in reduced job security.

In 2019, before the pandemic itself, workers were even quitting their jobs at historic rates, with labor experts citing burnouts as a primary reason and a lack of promotions and salary hikes. And then the pandemic happened. According to recent research, one out of every four workers are planning to look for a job with a new company now that the after-effects of the pandemic have begun to subside. Reports say that there were around 10.44 million job opportunities in the United States by the end of August 2021.

Even if the global economy and labor demand improve significantly in this scenario, it will not be enough to attract prospective employees, resulting in a supply and demand imbalance. This is precisely why the labor market needs major reform. In the wake of the pandemic, several online platforms for people who want to come back to work swiftly and at scale have been developed. However, the majority of these platforms are highly centralized and provide little benefit to their participants beyond matching projects according to each person’s needs.

This is where Bondex kicks in.

Redefining the future of work with Bondex

Bondex, a Fintech-enabled Web 3.0 talent ecosystem, is redefining the future of work with its global talent network hosted on a decentralized internet computer. Bondex is the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) professional network based on blockchain technology, and it is powered by its native token — BNDX.

The Bondex talent ecosystem essentially helps firms locate and hire the right people. Its primary objective is to establish a decentralized global community where professionals can connect in order to find employment, keep updated, acquire new skills, establish productive connections, and assist one another to succeed.

Professionals may also use the platform to exchange their skills with enterprises and monetize their data and networks in a more accessible, safer, and cost-effective manner.

Monetize your talent and earn money on Bondex

With the Bondex app, you can now monetize your talent and earn money thanks to the BNDX token, which serves as a utility and governance token for Bondex’s talent ecosystem. It may also be utilized for transactions and to provide users with DeFi capabilities. The value of the BNDX token will be linked to the Bondex ecosystem’s operational performance, incentivizing stakeholders to participate and engage in the business platform.

Using the Bondex App, users are offered several ways to make money. Some of them include:

  • Early adopters are rewarded with tokenized incentives for joining the ecosystem and contributing to developing a global talent pool.
  • Users are also rewarded for registering with a verified LinkedIn account, uploading their CV, and referring new users.
  • Users that opt-in to receive targeted adverts on the app will be compensated in BNDX tokens.
  • Users will receive BNDX tokens at a bonus rate if they execute things that help develop the network’s value.
  • A percentage of the network’s profits will also go to a bonus fund for talent suppliers. The bonus pool will be automatically paid to the highest-ranking providers in the network based on a mix of customer satisfaction ratings, performance measures, and network participation.

Bondex: Pioneering talent ecosystems

Undoubtedly, the Bondex ecosystem’s decentralized network will aid in making payment procedures autonomous, trustworthy, rapid, and currency agnostic. Individual users will typically deal in numerous cryptocurrencies, while companies seeking expertise will pay in fiat or stable coins, which will assist in accelerating and simplifying adoption.

Moreover, the Bondex Wallet will enable the seamless on-ramp and off-ramp from crypto to fiat. Compared to the existing talent acquisition market that is largely sluggish, obsolete, fragmented, and expensive to both talent and employers, Bondex is undoubtedly ushering in a new era of talent ecosystem that will disrupt the global talent market.

Join the talent revolution with Bondex! Stay connected on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram to learn more about Bondex, or visit the official website.



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