Monetize and earn money from your talent with the Bondex app

Redefining the future of work with Bondex

Monetize your talent and earn money on Bondex

  • Early adopters are rewarded with tokenized incentives for joining the ecosystem and contributing to developing a global talent pool.
  • Users are also rewarded for registering with a verified LinkedIn account, uploading their CV, and referring new users.
  • Users that opt-in to receive targeted adverts on the app will be compensated in BNDX tokens.
  • Users will receive BNDX tokens at a bonus rate if they execute things that help develop the network’s value.
  • A percentage of the network’s profits will also go to a bonus fund for talent suppliers. The bonus pool will be automatically paid to the highest-ranking providers in the network based on a mix of customer satisfaction ratings, performance measures, and network participation.

Bondex: Pioneering talent ecosystems



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