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Fantasy sports is one of the largest untapped markets in the blockchain world, thanks in part to the complex systems involved in simulating real-life sports on the internet. The number of teams, the number of players in a team, each player’s past performances and statistics, leagues, and tons of other details make a fantasy sports project like this unfeasible to work with. Until now, that is.

Introducing Fanfury

Fanfury is a blockchain project based around fantasy sports, with a play-to-earn model unlike ever before. It is designed with the community in mind first and foremost, tailoring the project to what the community needs, rather than forcing its users to play within a substandard environment. Since the entire project is based on the blockchain, there is no possibility of third parties tampering with the platform or its smart contracts.

Let us now look further into what makes this project one of a kind amongst other crypto tokens as well as Web2.0-based fantasy sports websites.

Data Oracles

The appeal of fantasy sports lies in the promise of creating your own sports teams with real-life players, each playing as they would play in real life. To do this, fantasy sports sites source the players’ statistics from third-party sites and use that data to create an accurate representation of how each player will interact with the others. Unlike these sites, Fanfury connects to three different decentralized data oracles, Chainlink, Supra, and Band. In simple terms, a data oracle is a continuous feed of data that connects the Terra network to off-chain, real-world information, enabling smart contracts to pull required data and retrieve it.

These three oracles source their data from different sources, ensuring a manipulation-free gameplay experience for all of Fanfury’s users. This is then used to enable protocols embedded in the token’s smart contracts to access decentralized data, and the project’s proprietary data computation technology is further used to verify this data before it is used as statistics in the project.

There’s more to a project than just a smart contract though, such as its tokenomics.


The Fanfury project’s native token on the Ethereum blockchain, $FURY has multiple use cases. It can be used to facilitate transactions between players, work as a governance token for their voting system, or even act as a store of value coin; much like Bitcoin. The $FURY token is deflationary, which means that its smart contract has been built to combat inflation in the coin’s value.

The smart contract has a novel method to protect against inflation: when the price of the token increases, the token’s burn rate in its betting pools decreases, stabilizing the market; and vice versa. This system is self-sufficient and does not require any prompting, granting it freedom from the possibility of human error.

A total of 420 million $FURY tokens exist, which will be divided into a few categories, depending on when they’re unlocked. These categories are as follows:

  • The gamified airdrop will unlock 79 million tokens in 36 months, depending on the community engagement with the project at an initial supply of 3.95 million tokens.
  • The token whitelisting will unlock 5 million tokens with zero vesting period, with the initial supply of 5 million tokens.
  • The angel round for angel investors will unlock 10.5 million tokens, with a one-month cliff, and a six-month daily linear, with an initial supply of 1.05 million tokens.
  • The token’s seed sale will unlock 21 million tokens with a one-month cliff, and a six-month daily linear, with an initial supply of 2.1 million tokens.
  • The token’s presale on the ATLO launchpad will unlock 4.2 million tokens, a twelve-month daily linear, with an initial supply of 420 thousand tokens. Atlo users who participated in the Fanfury sale will also be eligible for Airdrop allocation and 10% claim on TGE at the same price as Forge event.
  • With Valkyrie Protocol’s Initial Participation Campaign, the token will unlock another 4.2 million coins, with a three-month linear and no initial supply.
  • The token will also partner with Prism Forge, unlocking 2.1 million coins, and finally, 25.2 million tokens will be unlocked for the token’s public sale, with zero vesting period and an initial supply of all 25.2 million.

The remaining tokens will be distributed amongst the community, marketing, advisors, the team behind the project, the treasury, liquidity, and the ecosystem in the following way:

Community / LP Incentives: 31.5 million tokens at a 24-month daily linear, with 3.15 million tokens as the initial supply.

Marketing: 37.8 million tokens at a 39-month daily linear, with 3.78 million tokens as the initial supply.

Advisors: 14.7 million tokens at a 4-month cliff and 12-month daily linear, with no tokens as the initial supply.

Team: 63 million tokens at a 6-month cliff & 18-month daily linear, with 14.7 million tokens as the initial supply.

Treasury: 42 million tokens will be locked in the treasury.

Liquidity: 21 million tokens at a 12-month daily linear, with 8.4 million tokens as the initial supply.

Ecosystem: 21 million tokens at a 5-month cliff & 24-month daily linear, with 14.7 million tokens as the initial supply.

As we can see, the tokenomics of the $FURY token are adequately strong to not only withstand inflation but correct it when needed. Its planned out vesting periods and cliffs ensure that whales do not get to dictate the future of the project, and even small investors have the opportunity to participate in the project. To play on Fanfury, install either the Android or iOS app available on their respective app stores.

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