How to Make the Most out of Bitclout?

I know what you’re thinking — isn’t this is already the case for many social media platforms, influencers, and business owners who currently make a living online? Well, yes and no. The main difference is that the aforementioned is driven by ads and clickbait, while Bitclout utilizes a much more direct approach.

In a nutshell: you invest in people and people invest in you. Or to put it more eloquently, you buy stocks in people using the Bitcoin currency, betting on their success and showing them support.

This app is the future of social media — I mean, it already looks like Twitter and will soon take over other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Let’s face it, the popularity of a platform is dependent on the quality of the people it attracts. Furthermore, people flock to where celebrities are, and Bitclout will be THE place to be in no time.

So how can you make the most out of Bitclout?

There are tactics and ways in which you can optimize your Bitclout experience, making it both entertaining as well as beneficial. Here are some of the ways that are known so far:

  • Get in early: If we learned anything from the internet, it’s that “the early bird gets the worm”. And this is surely the case on Bitclout. Right now is the best time to join this platform if you want to earn big bucks. You see, how investing in someone works is that you buy his or her coin. That coin then rises in price the more it is bought. Imagine buying someone famous’s coin just as he is entering the platform before other people have had the chance to invest in him or her. In this case, the first to put in the money is the one promised to get the biggest reward.
  • Invest your own money: The more you invest, the more you’ll earn. Of course, we would never suggest putting all your eggs in one basket, so bank one multiple profiles and in different quantities. This way you minimize risk and make safer investments that are sure to pay off in the future.
  • Verify your account: This will give you credibility, similar to the iconic blue tick on Instagram. Unfortunately, it seems that as of today, this can only be done if you’re already verified on other platforms, but we anticipate that this will become much easier in the future.
  • Post post and post: This is a chain — the more you post, the more following you’ll get. The more credibility you earn, the more trust people will have that you are in it for the long haul. And this is exactly what they need to know when investing in you. Like Twitter, you can use this platform to share statuses, Gifs, videos, and pictures. Choose your brand and your message, and post about it as much as you can.
  • Get an offer Incentives: Offer your followers incentives so that they invest in you. For example, if you are a writer, offer anyone who invests in you 50% off your book, or an exclusive meet and greet… Also, you want to invest where incentives are. One of the most beneficial incentives on the platform right now is the one Mario Nawfal — a famous businessman and talk show host — is offering. His top 10 investors get exclusive access to the celebrities he and his team are dropping, offering an early bird investment that includes support and off-platform support.
  • Join the talk: Tweet about it, put it on your Instagram bio, dm people, join Telegram groups and connect with people who know things you don’t. The more you know the easier it gets!
  • Learn from the best: You want to follow the whales on this platform. Those who know what they’re doing and are smart enough to know their way around it. Mario Nawfal is a great example of that if he’s invested in someone, you know it is for good reasons.

Join Bitclout today and become one of the few people that caught on to the trend early on. Dedicate yourself and start by investing in the whales such as MarioNawfal, RobertGraham, CraigClemens, Whalesharkdotpro, NotoriousFoodie… For they are the ones who will inevitably and undoubtedly rule the platform!



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