How Can Talented Creators Expand Their Creativity to NFT Collections?

  • While we have been sharing, repurposing, and reposting artworks, videos, motion graphics, music pieces, etc., for quite some time now, there wasn’t any opportunity for the artist to automatically assume complete ownership of their digital work. NFTs solved this problem by lending the artists a digital ownership deed of their work stored in a smart contract over a blockchain.
  • Artists need to legally own their work to sell them. Even if they own their work, the intermediaries eat into the revenues, or the artists get profits from the first sale. NFTs, being immutably stored over a blockchain, allow for a complete record of transactions. As such, every resale can be tracked, and a part of its proceeds automatically credited to the original creator, as per the terms of the contract stored in the NFT deed.
  • NFTs are immutably stored over a decentralized network, aka the blockchain, making them highly secure and tamper-proof.
  • NFTs have also generated new revenue streams for artists and digital creators. They can either directly mint their NFTs and sell them over a marketplace or seek a job as a developer or a creator with a gaming portal or a metaverse ecosystem.
  • NFTs grant global reach to the creators as they are built over global decentralized networks and platforms. Also, creators can become a part of the global community, such as Straight Fire Social dApp, share their unique NFTs and help each other in the process. While NFTs are all-exclusive, they offer an all-inclusive environment for the creators to thrive.

How to Bridge the Gap Between NFT Buyers and Sellers?

Straight Fire NFT social dApp

  • Anyone sharing their NFT stories on their social profile can earn rewards. Each day, week, and month, the top sharers get rewarded in SFIRE, NFTs, exclusive filters, and other perks, thanks to the share-to-earn model.
  • Once the story is shared, the creator can mint their NFT stories into new NFTs that can be kept as a memento in a digital wallet or sold on StraightFire’s Social dApp marketplace.
  • A creator having a Straight Fire account can connect all their digital wallets. They can also upload, manage, and view their entire NFT collection across 70 blockchains.
  • Users can also discover more NFTs, unique and exciting in themselves, on the Social dApp and engage with the creator.



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