Here’s why tech support is essential for blockchain-focused start-ups

The rise of blockchain start-ups

Source: CB Insights

The need for tech support

While they may be the next big thing in the start-up space, blockchain-based startups also come with their own set of challenges. One of the most pressing challenges startups faces lies in providing support to customers as they become acquainted with the firm and its product. Indeed, blockchain is a long-standing technology that has the potential to transform the world’s future. However, mainstream acceptance of the technology has only recently begun, which means that blockchain is still too complex of a technology to grasp.

  • Furthermore, just because blockchain is a trust-building technology does not inherently imply that customers will trust businesses that employ it. Customers will want to be doubly very sure about what they’re signing up for, specifically when it comes to protecting their money and sensitive information. Given that blockchains are ecosystems that require wide adoption to be effective, technical support is crucial.

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