Enjinstarter — Bringing Blockchain Games And the Metaverse to the Masses

The gaming ecosystem is booming, and blockchain gaming is the latest craze. Players are flocking to play games built on blockchain, particularly in the metaverse.

As the ecosystem matures, the number of projects building exciting games and investors looking for profitable projects also increased. Launchpads have emerged as a bridge between exciting gaming projects and investors. The most popular form of investment on launchpads is Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), where a project launches a token to reach investors and raise initial funds.

But out of so many launchpads, only a few have a high-quality process to help the best gaming projects meet the ideal investor.

With its list of amazing features and high-quality approach, the Enjinstarter Launchpad has emerged as one of the best IDO launchpads for gaming, metaverse, and P2E projects. Enjinstarter is dedicated to expanding the Enjin ecosystem while also increasing the metaverse. Its proprietary platform allows creative and game developers to use blockchain technology to execute capital-raising campaigns and build communities.

Quality over Quantity

For Enjinstarter, quality is taken seriously.

Unlike many other major IDO launchpads, Enjinstarter prefers quality over quantity to bring the best projects to investors. Each project applying for an IDO launch on the Enjinstarter IDO portal has to ensure a KYC verification before it can apply. This ascertains total compliance while ensuring only legitimate projects are reaching the ecosystem.

Once the application process is done, all projects undergo stringent due diligence. Enjinstarter’s approval rate is extremely low, making sure only the best crypto projects go through. After approval, with an extensive partner network of game distributors, gamers, streamers, and game testers, the platform helps the approved IDO projects with go-to-market strategies, partnerships, and user acquisition.

Getting Started With Enjinstarter

Unlike many other top crypto IDO launchpads, the Enjinstarter Launchpad has reduced the barrier to entry, making sure anyone can participate in IDOs. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Get Your Wallet KYC-Approved: To ensure total compliance, only KYC-approved wallets are allowed to participate in IDOs on the platform. Users can verify using national and international identity documents, and the process only takes only 24–48 hours.
  • Buy EJS/WEJS: Users have to purchase the launchpad tokens EJS or WEJS to participate. Users can buy the tokens from leading exchanges such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap. The users with the higher amount of tokens will be given guaranteed allocation and a heavier allocation weight. For tiers and benefits of Enjinstarter’s allocation pools, visit here.
  • Stake/Farm Tokens: Users must stake/farm a minimum of 1,250 EJS/WEJS from their holdings before participating in any IDOs. Users who stake their tokens for a longer period will have exemplary benefits, including removal of the cooldown period, access to private rounds, and allocation boost multipliers.
  • Apply For Whitelist: Before an IDO begins, participants can now actively decide whether they want to be whitelisted or not. Just visit the upcoming crypto IDOs page on Enjinstarter, click on the project you want to be whitelisted for, connect your wallet, and click apply whitelist. Once you are successfully whitelisted, you can allocate your funds.

Built on the Enjin Jumpnet

The Enjin ecosystem is built on Enjin’s Jumpnet Blockchain. Jumpnet offers a super-fast blockchain experience with no gas fees, instant & secure transactions, and free on-chain transactions for NFTs and Enjin Coin. Anyone can get started with Enjin Jumpnet and build next-generation NFT games, apps, and websites.

Moreover, the Enjin Bridge between Ethereum, JumpNet, and Efinity will enable users to easily mint and port tokens onto multiple chains without worrying about gas fees. Users can enjoy a seamless experience through JumpNet’s integration with all of Enjinstarter’s existing products, including a wallet for instant transactions, Beam for QR code asset drop into your Enjin wallet, a marketplace for real-time trades, and a platform to mint fungible and non-fungible tokens.



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