Emerging DeFi technology with a decentralized messaging app

When it was first introduced, the internet pioneered a new means of connecting and communicating with the rest of the world. People could use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for live chat as we know it today and they could use newsgroups to leave messages. Over time, the internet developed rapidly, and the World Wide Web, as well as community-oriented websites with chat rooms, came to be. Before long, companies started developing their own, standalone chat applications and at the time, the most popular apps were ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger.

A few years later, video chat became a reality. Next came popular social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, which are widely used today. Without a doubt, the internet has enabled unprecedented levels of digital freedom. However, as time has passed, the centralized nature of today’s internet — also known as Web 2.0 — has raised various privacy concerns for users around the world.

The need for decentralized messaging apps

It’s not news that governments and businesses are now exploiting messaging apps to access your data. Protection of personal data and identity theft has also become a rapidly increasing concern. As a result, private and decentralized messaging applications are in high demand. Even if communication interception by law enforcement or authoritarian governments is restricted to a few persons or nations, the privacy dangers are enormous. This is why encryption is so vital. It is only with encryption that speech can flow freely without being intercepted, read, or utilized for purposes other than those intended by the sender.

Until 2015, the industry at large lacked the requisite resources and technologies to build a good decentralized messaging service that would ease users’ fears about privacy. Fortunately, the birth of Ethereum, the first programmable blockchain using smart contracts, provided developers with a way to address this problem. While most decentralized applications today are developed on Ethereum, there are also several other programmable chains on which blockchain developers can build decentralized messaging apps.

PunkPanda is a decentralized messaging app that seeks to restore privacy and security for users while also rewarding them for using and sharing the platform. No doubt, as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have evolved, several new concepts have also emerged. Share-to-earn, play-to-earn, create-to-earn — the labels vary, but the basic concept is the same. You get rewarded in tokens for performing a specific task such as playing, creating, or sharing. Let’s take a look at this groundbreaking decentralized messaging app that’s gaining traction quickly.

A new age of decentralized messaging with PunkPanda

PunkPanda is a secure messaging platform that allows users to ‘communicate with confidence.’ The Punk Panda ecosystem encompasses several types of digital communication such as text messaging, video conferencing, gaming, and image and file sharing. PunkPanda is also the world’s first encrypted messaging software that compensates users for using and sharing it. The more you use the platform and share it with others, the more PunkPanda (PPM) tokens you’ll get as a reward!

PunkPanda’s security and encryption features rely on industry-standard concepts. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a secure communication mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to data while it is being transmitted from one device or system to the other. In the PunkPanda network, the data is encrypted on the sender’s phone and can only be decrypted by the designated recipient. As a result, nobody can read or tamper with it. Only the intended receiver can read your message thanks to the secure “Panda tunnel.”

PandaApp allows users to have confidential voice/video conversations with complete privacy. Other things you can do with the PandaAPP are listed below:

  • Read texts without the knowledge of the sender.
  • Hide or zap your content.
  • Send mega file transfers (15 to 20-minute videos).
  • Send content in different file-sharing settings: low, medium, or high-quality.

PunkPanda was made to allow for the free flow of information while still protecting the right to private and secure communications. Indeed, PunkPanda is your best choice when it comes to choosing a messaging app that allows you to keep your conversations extremely private.

Be a part of the PunkPanda ecosystem today. Get started by downloading the app. To learn more about PunkPanda, click here.



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