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It started with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), then came Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), and now Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) are the rage. Crypto IDOs have emerged as a prominent method for blockchain projects to raise funds, as it enables tokens to be sold directly to the average investor.

The critical factor to note in the IDO vs ICO vs IEO debate is the meaning of IDO itself. Crypto IDOs take place at a decentralized exchange (DEX). Therefore, they do not rely on a centralized exchange for approvals, have a lower entry barrier, and are not required to pay exorbitant fees.

Unsurprisingly, IDOs have emerged as an excellent opportunity for average investors, offering various advantages of investing in them. While there are IDO launchpads and IDO portals to look out for the best upcoming crypto IDOs, it is critical to understand that not all projects end up making money. But how do you find the best IDOs then?

In this article, we will talk about how you can get early access to profitable crypto IDOs through VC firms.

Why Should You Invest In An IDO?

There are multiple advantages of investing in IDOs, which have become the primary reason crypto IDOs have emerged as the successor of ICOs and IEOs. Some of the benefits of investing in an IDO include:

  • Investor Fairness: Unlike in ICOs and IEOs, many IDO platforms limit the allocation of tokens per user, allowing more investors to participate. This prevents whales and bots from snagging away tokens as soon as they are listed.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Since IDOs offer a more varied investment opportunity than the traditional crypto market, investors can create a premium diversified cryptocurrency portfolio for maximum rewards and earnings.
  • No Lockup Period: Another great benefit of investing in an IDO is it provides instant liquidity. Once launched, investors can start trading the tokens immediately, which is usually not the case on a centralized exchange.
  • Increase Your Crypto Network: Investing in IDOs helps you get accustomed to the ecosystem of project launches and increase your crypto network.

How To Find The Best IDOs

Here are a few criteria that you should look for when searching for the best IDOs to invest in:

  • The Team Behind: The most critical aspect of a crypto IDO project is the team behind it and its track record. You should look out for names, their experience, and any possible red flags that you can find. Getting the answers is vital as it will be a team that will make or break the IDO. Moreover, look out for the advisory and investor team as well. Many projects add high-profile names to the advisory list, but the individuals serve no purpose at all on the board and are just there to polish the project’s name.
  • Project Transparency: Project transparency is a big deal when it comes to IDO projects. There are enough scam projects on the market that anyone investing in an IDO should be wary of the risks and possible losses. While not every project decision can be transparent, you should look for the project’s journey and how much they share with the community. A good IDO will communicate with the community regularly through different channels to let them know of their progress.
  • Project Intent: There are two kinds of IDO projects. The first one is where founders see a vision to build something great and are working towards it, while the other one is a cash grab for people involved. You should be on the lookout for the project’s message to their community. A good project will not sell or shill its project tokens constantly but talk about what they achieve to build and how the funds will help them.
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How VC Firms Can Find The Best IDOs

In the emerging ecosystem of IDOs, venture capitalists have emerged as the clear winners. Many VC firms and their partners get access to prominent projects before the average investors, resulting in profitable deals. However, instead of wondering how to approach venture capitalists for the best upcoming IDOs, Sheesha Finance brings the best crypto projects to their investors.

Here’s how:

1. Project Pooling: Sheesha Finance has built professional relationships with VC firms and venture studios for a diversified deal flow pipeline. This helps them bring the best projects from high-value sources across the globe to the investors.

2. Extensive Research: the investment team analyses the project’s offerings, USP, potential, and likelihood for profitability. Experts also performed background checks on the team members of the project for reputation and any warnings.

3. Meeting The Founders: After shortlisting projects, the investment team meets with the founders to discuss the project’s vision and progress in detail. Issues highlighted in the research phase (if any) are clarified by the team.

4. Internal Review: Once the investment team does a review, the team then sits internally with the CEO of Sheesha Finance to discuss whether to accept the project or not. All factors, including project forecast, risk factor, tokenomics, team experience, community size, and amount of support required, are considered before making any decision.

5. Final Meeting: In the final meeting, the CEO meets with the project’s founders to gauge their vision and mission before the team makes a decision. Once the CEO decides that a project is suitable enough for our investors, they extend a partnership offer with all essential details.

To sum it up, they ensure total compliance and only proceed with a partner after signing a legal agreement and undergoing the due KYC process. Once the documents are signed, the post partnership team ensures constant communication with the founders for updates on their roadmap and other deliverables.

Final Thoughts

VC investments in the crypto ecosystem are soaring, and keeping the average investor away from such lucrative investments is unfair. Investing in a good crypto IDO can prove wonders for your crypto portfolio, and Sheesha Finance is bringing such opportunities to every investor.

Their unique process and extensive partner network help crypto projects bring the best IDOs to investors and build scalable companies of the future. These next-level crypto investment solutions help you invest and forget while generating consistent rewards.

Shesha Finance is bridging the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain industry and helping thousands of investors build a premium diversified cryptocurrency portfolio for maximum rewards. You can find their socials over here: Website | Medium | Twitter | Youtube | Telegram



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