6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blended Food Diet in 2021

Ever wondered why most celebrities on TV are seen walking around sipping a smoothie? Could it be that they know something we don’t? If yes, what? Is blended food the new trend in healthy eating habits? And if so, why?

Well, we’re about to deep dive into these questions and discover some of the main reasons blended food is, in fact, the newest craze to hit Healthy Eating Ville. Before we do, we’ve also lined up some of our most powerful high-speed blenders that can take your blended foods to a whole other level of goodness:

You can check out the entire range of Optimum Vortex Blenders here. They all feature the latest technologies and high-quality components and blend any foods at amazing speeds.

Now… Keep reading to find out why blending your food is better for your immune system and, best of all, how it can help you shed that extra weight.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Here’s why:

1- A Blended Food Diet is Easier to Digest

Blended foods are easier to digest. Plus, they power up your metabolism. Easier digestion means you will feel more energized after a meal and long after because your body is no longer struggling to break down whole foods. Instead, it can focus on extracting the nutrients it needs and keeping you healthy. More energy also means more focus and awareness and less strain on your body and mind.

So, a blended food diet will not only help you digest better. It will also boost your metabolism and help you feel lighter and happier.

2- With a Blended Food Diet, Your Body Absorbs More Nutrients

Blended foods and smoothies have another unique quality.

The nutrients contained by the fruits and vegetables you blend get absorbed into the body much faster than they would if you had a normal, unblended meal. Why, you wonder? Because cooking ingredients makes them lose many of the all-important fibres, minerals, and vitamins. Plus, you won’t be able to blend steak. You’ll have to stick to healthy stuff. And blending them raw will help you keep all the nutrients and nourish your body properly.

When you absorb more nutrients and vitamins your body will develop a stronger immune system.

3- It’s Easier to Add Healthier Foods to Your Diet Because They Taste a Lot Better Blended

Let’s face it! The real reason none of us is so eager to eat salads 24/7 is that they don’t taste as good as less healthy foods. Many times, green vegetables in particular can taste bitter. While we all know that eating your greens is the key to a healthy body, eating salad, broccoli, and kale isn’t for everyone.

Choosing a blended diet means you can simply add any greens or vegetables you want along with other better tasting ingredients like apples or beetroot and prepare delicious, blended meals in no time. You get the benefit of all the nutrients without having to worry about any ill-tasting ingredients.

4- Blended Foods Keep You Feeling Full for Longer

In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, people who chose blended foods reported feeling full for an hour longer than the group eating whole-food meals.

It may sound counterintuitive because they are liquid. But the fact is that blended foods will keep you feeling full for longer periods, helping you achieve your weight loss goals while maintaining your health. This happens because of the caloric value of the healthy ingredients you can add in a smoothie, which is much higher. Plus, using a blender to quickly prepare a healthy meal will also keep you away from other fatty take away foods.

5- You Hydrate More

Blending food instead of cooking it also means you are increasing your liquid consumption. Hydration is key for healthy skin, better digestion, and losing weight. After all, water is essential to us and it’s also what we’re mostly made of. So, maintaining a consistent level of hydration can only mean additional benefits for our health.

6- Zero Waste and Almost Zero Prep Time

Among other more practical benefits of a blended diet is less produce waste and almost no time required for food prepping. Plus, let’s not forget that you don’t need any cooking skills. That, to me, is actually the biggest benefit since I am a total fish out of water in the kitchen.

Anyhow, easily tossing the healthy ingredients of your choice in a blender means almost zero waste and, honestly, under 5 minutes of prep time. Just roughly cut them up, throw them in, press start and there you have it. A healthy meal in no time!

There are many more reasons why starting a blended diet is the best idea for 2021. But, for now, we think boosting your immune system and your metabolism, easing your digestion, and helping you lose that extra weight you’ve been dreading are enough to get you started. As soon as you do, you will discover many more benefits. And we’d love to hear about them! So, don’t be shy and let us know how your blended food diet is going and what recipes you’ve tried and loved.



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